My Story

Presently: Color & Highlight and Hand Tied Weft Extension Specialist.

Hey there, I'm Sylvia. This is my 39th year in the beauty industry.  I never thought I'd be doing hair even 5 years in.  I truly believed I'd figure out what I'd do when I grew up and it wasn't this.

I'm 3rd generation hairstylist. My Grandfather, my mother and her sister were all stylists. I basically grew up in a salon.  As a young girl, living in Germany, I'd help my Opa with the towels. They never washed them. They'd hang them in the back of the building to dry, still smelling of perm. Hmm, imagine that in this germ a phobic era. 

My Mother owned a Salon In Council Bluffs, Iowa, "The Gallery". There was this amazing stylist working there, Cindy. All my friends would talk about her and how great she was. ( MY MOM BLEW THEM ALL AWAY) just saying. But as a young girl you are always swayed by popular opinion. I'd go to the salon and watch her. I wanted my hair done by her, but mom would send me to the newest stylists. They were sweet and nervous for all the obvious reasons. I always felt like they didn't like me though, because, I had to hurry home to redo my hair. I new in that moment, If I EVER DO HAIR, I WILL NEVER SEND ANYONE HOME WITH HAIR I WOULDN'T WEAR! And that's where it began for me. I wanted to be a Cindy, and all the clients would be thrilled with their hair when they left the salon.


This is just the beginning of my story. Yet to come, a video OF THE REST OF THE STORY. A lot of years and plenty of material. Stay tuned.


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